The Team

The team behind 515 Productions is a core collective of independent contractors that brings together an infinite amount of resources with endless possibilities.


Meet our core collective

Ian Planchon VideographerIan Planchon founder/director of photography/editor
Ian lives and breathes all things video and video production. He gets equally geeked-out over the latest technology and developing unique approaches to a project. And he is so dedicated to his clients, he’d answer his phone if his hair was on fire (if he had any hair).





Dave Poyzer VideographerDave Poyzer cinematographer/editor/colorist/still photographer/web designer/graphic designer/seriously, what doesn’t he do?
When it comes to getting creative, Dave raises the bar. His brain never quits. And he isn’t afraid to take a risk, in order to make the next shot even better than the last one. Oh yeah, and he can build you an amazing website, too.
To learn more about Dave, visit



Brent Willett graphics/animation
He’ll work through the night to finish a project, he works fast, and he never fails to exceed a client’s expectations. His impressive work speaks for itself.


Tyler Dreher camera op/assistant editor
Tyler is an up-and-coming talent in the video production world. He is hungry to master all aspects of the industry, and has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the 515 Productions team.


Lynn Melling community relations
Lynn has been with 515 Productions since day one– when hubby, Ian, launched the business. She’s been in the TV news industry since 1998, and has enjoyed testing out her marketing chops for 515.


Paul Melling inventor/welder/CNC operator
Is there a shot you’ve always wanted to try, but lacked the equipment to pull it off? We’re willing to bet big money that Paul can design AND manufacture a piece of gear that will get the job done. He is the brains and the brawn behind “the device”, this waterproof housing unit for the Canon 5D, and custom-made gobos, to name a few.